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TOPIC: Retail BTS (Louisiana Rollout)
PERSPECTIVES: Development & Construction
PROPERTY: STNL Property 120 LA & MS locations

Development History:   Since 2004, Dorsey has developed, built and delivered over 120 Dollar General (DG) Stores to date. Throughout the process, Dorsey worked with 4 DG corporate real estate managers and DG corporate as ownership transitioned through public, private, and public again.  As DG’s ever-expanding store openings increased in Dorsey’s Territory – Dorsey stepped up.

Process: Early on in its relationship with DG, Dorsey committed and allocated the resources to roll DGs out in its territory.  Later, DG was acquired out by KKR and the processes of development changed.  One of those changes included a new lease structure to NNN, which had great impacts on construction – since DG would be taking responsible for the slab and structure, new requirements of testing, surveying, lease compliance reporting, were added.  Led by Paul Dorsey and Jay Wood, Dorsey embraced these changes and strived to meet DG’s new requirements quickly – proving once again that it was a responsive development partner.

Outcome: Dorsey’s flexibility and production was rewarded with expanded territory, which now includes Mississippi and Colorado. Dorsey’s Team has produced, year after year, a steady stream of new locations for Dollar General – helping DG meet its aggressive expansion goals. From the beginning of its relationship through to the present, Dorsey grew sophistication and stature as it partnered with the largest U.S. retailer (by store count) in multiple states and markets.