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“Our Mission is to assist our QSR partners achieve their new location goals
by consistently delivering quality & timely projects.”

G. Paul Dorsey, III

One of the most comprehensive and value-added services Dorsey offers clients is our QSR Build-to-Suit (BTS) program. It allows us to provide a turnkey solutions for our clients, removing the need for extensive supervision in order to complete their new locations.  Dorsey partners on a high level with our clients to bring complex, time-consuming projects to completion.

Through integrated development and construction, Dorsey is able to maintain control and responsibility for the entire development. This allows Dorsey to provide the highest quality developments, reliable services and innovative solutions.

Dorsey has a proven record of On-Time Deliveries – having completed over 230 QSR Development Projects.


Your Project | Your Way

Dorsey understands each of its clients has a “process”.  Dorsey provides flexibility in its services to its clients with the knowledge that each client has its own structure and procedures to follow throughout the process.  Whether it is the structure of the project:  BTS, reverse BTS, or ground lease, or the submittal and reporting functions, Dorsey will provide the innovative solutions to meet client’s needs.


Comprehensive Solutions

One of the most common events in franchise development is that of a franchisee who is not meeting their new store opening goals. Dorsey has created a comprehensive, turnkey solution for getting the franchisee’s pipeline flowing – and, restaurants open.  Dorsey’s QSR BTS Program brings together fractured teams of brokers, architects, engineers, and contractors into a seamless, cohesive team capable of delivering quality projects in a timely manner.

QSR Program

Site Selection

Local and Regional Knowledge

For a true and accurate picture of any market, there is no substitute for local knowledge. We provide a professional and balanced team of development managers and local brokers. We deliver multiple options to our clients to ensure they get the prime sites that deliver the best advantage in the marketplace possible.

Site Feasibility

Reducing Risk

Dorsey engages in critical due diligence to minimize our clients risk and optimize advantages.  Our team is knowledgeable about site requirements and site encumbrances – ensuring sites are properly vetted before submission to our clients. Dorsey provides fast, accurate and impeccable service while remaining sensitive to the timing for new location deliveries.


Experts in your corner

Entitlement is an increasing complex process. Dorsey has the experience, expertise, and strong relationships to get your site and building permitted and out of the ground.  Dorsey’s Team is led by an attorney who has years of government experience and years of experience permitting Dorsey projects in many jurisdictions.

Deal Structure

Innovative Solutions

Dorsey understands that while delivering stores to different clients seems similar – navigating each client’s processes can be very different.  Dorsey provides flexibility to its clients with the knowledge that each client has its own structure to follow.  Whether it’s a straight BTS, reverse BTS, or ground lease, Dorsey can provide the innovative solutions to meet client’s needs.


We build on Experience

Dorsey specializes in the construction of single-tenant, ground up and second generation retrofit shopping center developments. We provide excellent turnkey commercial construction with comprehensive services spanning the entire project life cycle from due-diligence, engineering | architectural plans, entitlement, construction, and maintenance after delivery.

Site Plan

Multiple Markets / Multiple Units

By combining in-house development expertise, construction experience, and a thorough understanding of our client’s goals and requirements, Dorsey Development delivers seamless market development rollouts.  Dorsey has the knowledge, experience, dedication, and capital to develop multiple locations in multiple markets simultaneously.

Dorsey works with brokers and joint venture partners.

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The Dorsey Team has an established track record.

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