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Site Selection

There’s no substitute for local knowledge

Market Analysis
For a true and accurate picture of any market, there is no substitute for local knowledge (including the history of the market). We also use sophisticated modeling, demographic, psychographic, and traffic data when performing market and site analysis. We provide a professional and balanced team made up of on staff Development Managers and local brokers.

Site Selection
Dorsey is home to great site selectors. While we use local brokers, we certainly don’t stop the search at the MLS – we use a “feet on the street” method. Our experienced site selectors are knowledgeable about site requirements and site obstacles and encumbrances, ensuring site are properly vetted before submission to our clients. Our site selection process is expeditious, thorough, and creative – we do not miss opportunities.
We deliver multiple options to our clients to ensure they get the prime sites that deliver the best advantage in the marketplace possible.